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Important Stuff - Please Read before Entering

Terms and Conditions

  • I am the parent or guardian of the minor child named , and I agree that my child participates in the event at
    his/her own risk and I waive all liability against the event organisers.
  • I agree to attend and listen to the event briefing
    prior to the start with my child and that my child will follow the course set out and obey all instructions given by event
    officials, including abiding by all road rules.
  • I agree my child will wear a New Zealand Safety Approved helmet at all times while cycling during this event, including while warming up/down.
  • I agree I shall ensure my child has the correct sized bicycle and helmet and that his/her bicycle and helmet complies with the Australian /New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2063 and is in proper working order and mechanically fit for participation in this event.
  • I further agree I am solely responsible for the safety of all members of my family/accompanying persons at the site. I understand my children are not allowed to play on, in or around equipment or buildings, and I am responsible for their actions and whereabouts at all times.
  • I hereby release, waive, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless the event organisers and all volunteers from any liability for personal injury, property damage, property theft and all other foreseeable risks, claims or actions of any kind, including negligence, whatever and however occurring, which may arise at any time from, or in connection with, directly or indirectly, my child(ren)’s participation in or attendance at this event.
  • If, for whatever reason, the event organiser is liable to the entrant in contract, tort or otherwise, the maximum liability of the event organiser shall be limited to a sum equal to twice the entry fee paid by the entrant.
  • I agree my child may be disqualified from the event if he/she does not abide by the rules.
  • I authorise my child’s name and photograph to be used without payment for any broadcast, promotion, or in any other way relating to this event, pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993.
  • There will be no refund of the entry fee if you withdraw your child or if there is a cancellation.

Entry Form

Online entry requires payment via Paypal which may be made with a Credit Card. Payment may also be made via a Paypal Account but there is NO need to sign up for one. Credit card details are only entered in the Paypal secure website and are not stored by the Kids Duathlon website.

Please complete your details as the responsible adult and then select the number of tickets you require (with T-Shirt and without T-Shirt).

Then enter the participant details and send us your entry.

Note that you will not receive anything other than a confirmation email - if you have ordered a collector t-shirt this will be supplied with your race number.

I, or someone I know, has done the event before
Friends/family told me
Through school visits
Radio advertising
Posters/advertising signs
Online community notices
School newsletter

Ticket Type Price Spaces
Race Entry Only $20.00
Race Entry plus T-Shirt.
Enter the race and get a t-shirt too!